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The Grand Pageant of Western Nepal

Miss Mid-West is Biggest Beauty Pageant in Western Nepal and one of the top Beauty Pageant in Nepal.

The Missmidwest Nepal is brought to you by Ms. Parul Shrotria and is managed and choreographed by Pawan Shrotria. This year it was organised on 17th March 2012 in one of the finest hotels in Midwest Nepal, Hotel Batika.

The Miss Midwest Nepal is prestigious, dignified and competition for the modern girls / models who wish to find a platform to present themselves.

This pageant is based on the physical beauty + grace + poise + manners of girls all over the Midwest Region of Nepal.

The contestants are encouraged and expected to express their individuality with poise, grace, and wits not only on the show but also during Training weeks.

Why to Participate!

Miss Mid-West Pageant provides the girls a solid platform to show and / or to share their talents.

Through Miss MidWest they can prove their intelligence and positive values. They can serve as role models for various problems in society and community.

They can get various opportunities like playing a role in movie as Ms. Neelam Kafle got opportunity by Miss MidWest, to play role in three movies. Girls can get opportunity to play in music video as Ms. Tara Ranabhat got through us, and many more other possible opportunities.

Why Choose Us

pageant with Reputation

Miss Mid-West Pageant is one of the most reputed and well-known pageant in Nepal.

Great Platform

Miss Mid-West Pageant provides the girls a solid platform to show and / or to share their talents.


Getting projected by Miss Midwest opens the door of various opportunites with credit to you.

What our contestants say

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If you don’t choose good organising team in pageants you will be driven out. Miss Midwest team is wonderful and extremely cooperative.

Ms.Pragya Gautam

Miss Midwest is truly a real pageant, with world-class overall proedure..

Ms.Ambica K.C.

Environment of Miss Midwest, each single minute, is like we are in our home.

Ms.Shital Jaiswal

Organising team members are like our family members in care towrads us.

Ms.Kalpana Pariyar
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